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Original Trial Documentation:

Documents from the Original Investigation:
Bernie Tiede's Confession to Premeditated Murder of Marjorie Nugent
Checks Bernie Tiede wrote to himself Bernie Tiede wrote to himself from Marjorie Nugent's bank accounts. Tiede writes a $20,000 check to himself the day after he murdered her, and he writes a $30,000 check to himself several weeks after he murdered Marjorie.

Judge Guy Griffin's Change of Venue Order, Jan. 4, 1999
Judge Guy Griffin orders a change of venue of Bernie Tiede's murder trial for killing Marjorie Nugent from Panola County to San Augustine County due to an inability to select a jury in Panola County. The order says the court in panola County could not find enough eligible jurors who had not formed an opinion about Bernie Tiede's innocence or guilt.


Correspondence with District Attorney Danny Buck Davidson:

Davidson Ltr 6.17.14 Request for Meeting (Final) (2) Submitted June 17, 2014 to Danny Buck Davidson.


Public Evidence and FOIA Requests and Correspondence:

Request for Release of Records Submitted October 10, 2014, Marjorie Nugent's granddaughter, Shanna Nugent, sent a public information request to Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake.

Letter to Sheriff County Lake Marjorie Nugent's granddaughter Shanna Nugent sent a public information request to Panola County Sheriff Kevin Lake. This letter requests evidence from Marjorie Nugent's home and from Bernie Tiede's home, among other things.

Panola County Sheriff Notifies Bernie Tiede's Attorney This letter is a notice that the Sheriff has sent an inquiry about the evidence against Tiede to the Texas Attorney General with a request of whether the evidence can be released.


New Ordered Punishment Hearing:

Writ of Habeas Corpus Court of Criminal Appeals:

Motion for Rehearing Nugent family files Motion for Sua Sponte Rehearing with Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. 

Motion for Leave to File Filed on June 17, 2014 on behalf of Nugent family.  Motion seeks permission to file amicus curiae brief.

Nugent Amicus Brief Submitted to 123rd Judicial District Court of Panola County, Texas.  Asking whether Bernie Tiede is entitled to habeas corpus relief.  

Writ of Habeas Corpus Trial Court Level:

Bond Brief The Nugent Family mailed an amicus brief on July 14, 2014 to the lower appeals court- the 123rd.  The amicus is asking Judge Devasto to revoke the bond and send Tiede back to prison.

Writ of Habeas Corpus Hearing (1)

Writ of Habeas Corpus Hearing

Order to Reduce the Bond 

Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law

Procedural History New evidence is submitted for consideration.

Petition Memo Submitted April 28, 2014 to District and County Court in Panola County, Texas.

Exhibits C D Affidavit of Alissa Sherry, PhD, attached to the Petition

Exhibits E I Affidavit of Elizabeth Cohen, JD, LCSW, attached to the Petition

Affidavit of Danny Buck Davidson Submitted May 5, 2014


Panola County District Attorney Danny Buck Davidson's Recusal Motion, March 30, 2015

Motion for Appointment of Prosecutor Pro Tem And Inquiry Regarding Conflicts of Interest And Brief in Support, Submitted March 30, 2015


Prosecutors Motions and Responses to the Court for Hearing on Oct. 27, 2015