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Victim's family upset about release of Bernie Tiede

By Cody Lillich

(KLTV) -

The family of an East Texas widow killed by Bernie Tiede is fighting to put the confessed killer back behind bars.

Tiede, who was convicted of shooting and killing Marjorie Nugent in 1996, was released last month after new evidence had prosecutors asking for his release.  A final decision is waiting on the state's highest criminal appeals court, but before that happens, Nugent's family says they want their voice to be heard.

The family claims they were left in the dark about Tiede's release. In a letter filed with the Court of Criminal Appeals by the family's newly-hired attorney, they say, "... the trial court specifically asked Davidson if Marjorie's family - conspicuously absent from the hearing-  had been notified. Davidson replied that the Nugent family had indeed been notified."

However, the attorney claims that statement is untrue and the family was never notified of the proceedings. The family also says that the "new" evidence of Tiede's abuse is not new. Instead, they say it was simply not told to Tiede's lawyers during his original trial.

The new evidence led the county's prosecutor to suggest that Tiede walk away with 17 years of a life sentence served. The court has not decided on the family's motion. We reached out to the Panola County District Attorney's Office, but they didn't respond to our request for comment.

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