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Nugent's family angry Bernie Tiede is out of jail

KTBC Fox 7

November 17, 2014

Do you remember the movie "Bernie" staring Jack Black?

That was based on a true story out of east Texas. The real-life granddaughter of the rich widow the film was based on talked with FOX 7 Monday night.

In 1999, Bernie Tiede was sentenced to life in prison for the death of 81-year-old Majorie Nugent.

But as part of an agreement this past May, Tiede was set free and has been living in Austin with filmmaker Richard Linklater who directed the movie.

The Panola County District Attorney agreed with Tiede's appeals attorney who claimed he deserved a lighter sentence because he was sexually assaulted as a child and because Tiede had an abusive relationship with Nugent before her death.

Letting him out of prison, shocked the Nugent family.

They say they have evidence that can prove Tiede planned the murder to cover up the theft of millions of dollars they claim he stole.

"He's showing her deposit slips where he's paying her return on her "investments," the investment doesn't really exist, and then he's depositing...he creates a completely different deposit slip that he actually deposits in the bank. so like for one month, she thinks she is depositing $27,000 and in actuality she's depositing $3,000," said Shannon Nugent.

The Nugent family says the day of Marjorie's murder, she and Tiede had an appointment with a banker but it was canceled.

They say that is when the financial discrepancies would have been brought up.

The state criminal appeals court still must formally sign off on tiede's sentence reduction.

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