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Murderer Bernie Tiede wrote checks after he killed his elderly companion

Dallas Morning News

By Tod Robberson

Hopefully, film director Richard Linklater has a good security system on his home in Austin. But more than that, I hope he doesn’t do anything that his back-house tenant, murderer Bernie Tiede, might regard as mean. Not only would Linklater’s life be in danger, his film fortunes might well wind up funding yet another Bernie Tiede spending frenzy like the one he went on in 1996 and 1997.

Nugent family releases checks allegedly forged by Bernie Tiede, argues they are evidence of motive in murder

By Field Sutton

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) - The family of Marjorie Nugent released photocopies of two checks Tuesday as part of an ongoing effort to see Bernie Tiede returned to prison for murdering Nugent. A Nugent family spokesperson said the checks were temporarily made available to the family in 1998 after having been seized by investigators.

Sheriff suggests Bernie Tiede had financial motives to kill elderly lady

Dallas Morning News
By Tod Robberson

Something unusual has occurred in Panola County, in East Texas, where Bernie Tiede shot an elderly lady in the back in 1996, then stuffed her body into a deep freezer, then won early release from a life sentence under bizarre circumstances. Apparently, the sheriff and district attorney in the case are at odds with each other, and the sheriff wants to put Tiede back in prison, where he belongs.