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Nugent Family Statement on Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Opinion

November 26, 2014

AUSTIN, TX - Today, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals released an opinion on Bernie Tiede’s appeal to his life sentence for murdering the elderly widow, Marjorie Nugent on November 19, 1996. The opinion remanded Tiede back to Panola County for a new sentencing on his punishment for the crime. The Nugent family released this statement “There is no happy ending here.

Travesty of justice: Bernie Tiede’s freedom upheld by Texas criminal appeals court

Dallas Morning News
By Tod Robberson
November 26, 2014

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has opened the way for a new punishment hearing for convicted murderer Bernie Tiede, while upholding a lower court’s decision granting Tiede “relief” from completing his sentence. It effectively means that an admitted, premeditated killer gets to walk free, for reasons I’ll explain below.

Victim's Family Opens Up About Murder That...

November 18, 2014

A convicted murderer, living in Austin, could soon learn if he's out of prison for good. In 2011, Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater directed a dark comedy about the murder that landed Bernie Tiede in prison to serve a life sentence. Tiede's story got a lot of attention, and in May, Tiede was temporarily released from prison while the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reviews his case. With a final decision expected before the end of the year, the family of the victim, Marjorie Nugent (pictured), is speaking out about how upset they are about everything that has happened. Nugent's family says it's time people start separating fact from fiction.